HubHive is destined to become the most popular source of information about Boquete and surrounding areas.
“Restaurants” was the first category created, because food is such an important part of our community, however there are more to come, including:
  • Professional Services
  • Everything Pets
  • Travel & Transportation
  • Construction Services
  • Health & Beauty
  • Charities
  • Shopping
  • Home & Garden

Our journey started in 2018 when we launched a smartphone app called Boquete & Beyond. In 2020, amidst the challenging times of COVID lockdowns and the closure of the Tuesday Market, a demand emerged for vendors to establish stronger connections with their customers. We started developing online order forms to streamline these transactions. Given the incompatibility of these forms with our existing app, we swiftly transitioned to a comprehensive website.

Despite the original intention of the order forms being a paid service, we decided to offer them to 15 vendors free of charge for an entire year. During challenging times, we made every effort to assist.

After careful consideration, we switched our domain from to “” This change, a testament to our collective resilience, benefited our community. However, it is now time for another update. Attempting to update the current website would have been an insurmountable challenge; therefore, we are beginning anew. It’s a significant departure that called for a fresh name and logo to commemorate our exciting new chapter. Upon the website’s completion, visitors will be automatically directed to the new site, even if they continue to use the old domains.

Our new format is not just a change but a significant enhancement that will improve visitor navigation and allow reviews and businesses to self-promote. As a professional advisor, I am thrilled that enabling visitors to engage with our community website is a game-changer. Plans involve adding blogs on various topics to facilitate further conversations. Therefore, our tagline reflects our commitment to being “a hub of information and a hive of activity, a place where our community can thrive.”



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